We introduce students to the world of art and great artists. Firstly through the use of flashcards, familiarising them with famous paintings by major artists and finally by a visit to an Art Gallery to see chosen painters and their works in “situ”.


Some of the objectives established for this workshop are: ability to express sensations and feelings using the body, improve/ develop attention and concentration span, promote love of reading. Activities carried out as part of this workshop are: trip to the theatre, celebration of National Book Day, organisation of a book fair, compilation of a travel book.


To improve line drawing, introduce manual control and also through the use of psychomotor games the students are introduced to the concept of laterality, all of which are very important areas in learning to read and write at a later stage.


The discovery of rhythm, training of the ear, knowledge of musical instruments, are essential objectives to be achieved in a childs education. In this workshop they are exposed to a wide variety of different types of music: classical, modem, childerns, etc.